Multi - Purpose
  Multi - Purpose Black Latex Gloves
  Specifications :
  Class 100 Industry Standard
  Beaded Cuff
  Textured Surface in the grip area
  Non - Sterilized
  Length: 240 mm & 290 mm
  Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  Physical Properties
                                    Before Aging        After Aging
  Tensile Strength     18 Mpa                  14 Mpa (min)
  Elongation               700%                      500% (min)
  Sampling: ISO 2589, Manufactured in compliance
  with current GMP requirement


    Due to global glove shortage, there are companies purporting to be agents of M.R.I. Co., Ltd. We do not engage agents and will only supply from the factory direct. Anyone offering large quantities of gloves from the factory is making a false claim. The factory will not be responsible for any sales contract undertaken with any other 3rd parties or any resulting losses therein.

 M.R.I. Co., Ltd. would like to inform the situation to our customers, buyers of rubber gloves that you should be aware of falsely being appointed as distributor OR pretending to have a relationship with an employee of a company that produces rubber gloves. If it has been claimed to be a fake agent, then any action that may cause fraudulent fraud which may affect the company both domestic and international buyers.

Multi - Purpose Black
Latex Gloves
* Made from natural rubber latex
* Low protein level
   (Conducted in comformance with EN 455-3 Quality    Standard)
* Excellent chemical resistance, compounded by our special
* Minimum skin irritation in accordance with guidelines
   of the International Organization for Standardization
* Ambidextrous, easy donning and comfort fit
* Safe grip with textured surface / sticky on request
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